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Shourt Line - Soft Works Ltd. - Products - LGB 2085D Mallet Steam Locomotive, 0-6-6-0T Smoke and Lights

The cylinders are lined by hinged steam pipes that are attached to the locomotive chassis to pass steam from the low to the high pressure cylinders, respectively mounted fore and aft. By this means the Mallet generates a great deal of power since the exhaust steam from the first cylinder group develops more pressure as it passed into the second cylinder group. Gauge: Meter (1000 mm) Power sockets on rear of the loco 5 Volt plug in bulbs for easy replacement Weight: 3400 g (7.75 lb) Length: 510 mm (20 inches) Specifications: Mfg: Made by LGB in Germany Components: Designed for indoor or outdoor use Photos: New in box with all factory Packing, locomotive, an Engineer and a Fireman - NEW LGB 21812 with all original parts, Engineer Figure, Fireman Figure factory installed in fully lighted cab, includes all original factory packing and box - NEW This DR Locomotive will run without any maintenance for decades of flawless operation Never run, highly detailed Mallet Steam Locomotive with control switch inside boiler door (shown open above) & 2 each seven-pole Buhler motors for maximum pulling power. Runs on any G gauge (45mm) track and will even turn on 24 in radius turns (R1 curved track like in a starter set) Cab is fully lighted with detailed instrumentation and controls (door is shown in the open position) Working headlights and taillights provide light for the engineer with automatic directional control. In studying imp source and perhaps similar American Flyer trains websites, some of us read a really good amount more concerning the LGB Trains topic area.Authentic graphics and loco details Working cab skylight shown open The three working directional lights on rear and front of the loco are also voltage stabilized for bight operation on DC power at low speeds Bottom view showing drive wheels and traction tire on left rear wheel Last chance to own this LGB classic Mogul Steam Locomotive with smoke and lights - all aboard! For indoor or outdoor use. Optional equipment: (Items listed below do NOT come with this item but are available at our store) Add a Massoth DCC Motor/Sound decoder, Pulse Smoke Generator and DCC/MTS Wireless Starter Set for complete wireless control of the LGB 2085 above Massoth 8150001 eMOTION XLS Motor and Sound Decoder MTS/DCC engine decoders for digital control of trains eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder Powerful 3 Amp HiFi Sound Decoder with up to 6 sound channels and 13 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors. Available at our store NEW VERSION V2.2 HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE COMES WITH; XLS decoder V2.2 circuit board (shown above) Massoth hi-performance speaker for selected loco interface cable for LGB and Aristocraft DCC for selected loco Pre-recorded digital sounds for selected loco AND INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: BREAK ON DC Breaking with a special polarized DC-Voltage VOLUME CONTROL OF EACH OPERATION SOUND TYPES These 4 operation sound types can be adjusted separately: Initial start sequences Operation sound sequences LGB and SUSI Interfaces are integrated The new eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder is the up and coming standard of the exquisite garden model railroad sound decoders. The XLS features a powerful output stage for up to two motors (3 AMPS) as well as 1 AMP for sound, light, and other functions.

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GB's tooling is of great interest due to its design. It is intended to be compatible with conventional speed control. Though GBoA was not dissolved, Silvergate assumed distribution of remaining GB stock as well as current and new product lines. We are one of GB's Largest Dealers in the country. Box is in good condition. Check Out These Christmas Specials! Since GBoA owned the LGB trademark in the United States, new LGB products could not be distributed there without some sort of agreement between LGBoA and Märklin. Silvergate's New Jersey warehouse facility would remain in its current location.

G Scale and Garden Trains - Collector Information | Collectors Weekly

In 1997, the tracks and trains were swapped out from their original gauge, which was -inch to 1-foot or 1:24, to proper G gauge. Despite this early success and acceptance, garden railways remained a novelty in the U.S. before World War II American Flyer promoted "Backyard Railroading" in its advertising, but never sold many trains designed for outdoor use. After the war, with the smaller O scale and HO scale trains firmly entrenched among model railroaders, the notion that big trains would ever again gain acceptance must have seemed fanciful. Which is why the introduction of the LGB G scale in 1969 was such a gutsy move. LGB did not help its cause in the U.S. by initially offering only European trainstheres probably only so much fun a boy in Iowa is going to have with a model train labeled "Austrian Federal" or "Rhaetian Railway." The new scale did not fare much better in England, where traditions were even more firmly established. But in 1972, Model Railroader magazine published an article about LGB. From then on, the G scale began its rise in acceptance among an increasing number of model train enthusiasts. Today, LGB makes G scale trains for all the popular U.S. road namesfrom B&O to Santa Feall of which run on brass tracks that are designed to weather the elements.

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